Nothing beats highly targeted advertising. A real estate mailer is the surest way to reach thousands of people in a specific area. News that your property is for sale will spread like wildfire.

This strategy will be enhanced with the other marketing initiatives in my toolbox.

Magazines and Newspaper

Our brand advertising campaign is best of class media partners that boast qualified subscriber bases. Our effort attract and engage a target audience greatest propensity to buy your home.

You benefit from exclusive corporate prime placement in local, national, publications. In addition to our co-op we will seek additional advertising opportunities appropriate media to showcase your qualified buyers everywhere.



Ranking high on search engines is essential. It will boost the visibility of your property and attract as many potential buyers as possible. More than 90% of property searches are now done on the Web – more than half of which are from a mobile device.

Our professional site is mobile-friendly and indexed to rank high on search engines. As a marketing tool, it’s indispensable and effective.


In addition to the visibility you receive from my professional site, I actively promote your property on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. Thanks to user interaction and sharing, the visibility of your listing will go even further.

International Web Distribution

In order to increase exposure for your ultimately uncover the right buyer, and distribute properties to the most media companies and real estate-focused in the world. To measure the results, a property view report including view statistics for partner sites our properties distributed to.


Professional Photography

When you list your home with Sotheby's International Realty Canada, you will most discerning marketing, exceptional service and excellent photography. 100% of buyers pre-scouting your property it is imperative that the images we use utmost quality, both on our network in our property brochures.


Nearly 6 million videos have been played ad units from more than 121 different content has a concentrated focus on distinctive amenities.

Virtual Reality / 3D Walk Through

Distance can present a challenge when to buy a home and virtual reality has provocative solution. This technology buyers to purchase homes without physically travel to view them, which relevant to the global clientele we serve. is supported by both, and is a terrific complementary piece to photos and work with you to find a recommended provider in your area.